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Measured Size vs. Tagged Size
           What does this mean?

Measured sizes are used when a coat or blazer does not have a size tag or the size tag does not accurately represent the size. Remember that sizes can vary both between brands and within brands. Use the measured size or tagged size as a guide to what might fit you. Then compare the measurements of a coat or blazer that you currently own and that you know fits you. Use that information to determine if the garment will fit you.

Has the garment been altered?

Normally, we do not know. Many suits and sport coats are altered to achieve a custom fit. Thus, it is important to know your measurements. See Measured Size vs. Tagged Size above or go to our Sizing Guide.

Where do we get our clothes?

We have been in business for over eight years. During that time we have developed ever increasing sources of high quality clothing and sporting goods. These sources extend from coast to coast and include store close-out merchandise, unclaimed baggage, estate sales, and of course auctions.

Return Policy

Returns gladly accepted within 7 days of receipt - no questions asked. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Combined Shipping Discount

We offer a multiple items shipping discount. The discount varies, depending on the weight of the items in question and whether or not the package destination is International or domestic.


Our items are described as Excellent, Perfect, New Without Tags and New With Tags.

Are you concerned about buying used?

Why are you interested in buying a pre-owned suit or sport coat? The answer is probably "price". We sell our brand name suits, blazers and sport coats at a fraction of their cost if new. Our prices range from approximately 10% - 20% of the price if new. For example, we sell Ermenegildo Zegna, Brioni and other famous label clothing items that can retail between $2-$3,000 and more. We sell those same suits for $200 - $300. That is a huge difference. The added benefit is that our used suits and other clothing items are often new or just like new. You can benefit from buying a suit that someone else purchased at full retail and then never wore because it didn't fit; worn once or twice for a special occasion or was quickly outgrown.

Brand is important, but not the only factor.

High quality and famous brands like Hickey Freeman, Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Giorgio Armani and Joseph Abboud are top sellers. However don't overlook the less advertised famous labels like Pal Zileri, Canali, Oxxford Clothes and others.

Super What??

When it comes to determining a quality suit, a well known, but slightly altered quote comes to mind: "It's the fabric stupid". Fabrics come in wide ranges of colors and quality that is now often measured with numbers like "Super 110s" and "Super 150s." Just like bed sheets that celebrate thread counts, suit manufacturers are using these numbers to impress others with their wool. Higher numbers mean narrower fibers, which manufacturers say are softer to the touch. On the very high end, makers are promoting suits in the Super 220s range for thousands of dollars.
     Suit makers admit that fabrics with high S-numbers can be more delicate and lightweight. Knowledgeable salespeople advise not to buy suits with high S-numbers for anything but special occasions due to their delicacy. Super 120's and below would be better for everyday wear.

Please Ask Questions

Some of our more expert buyers ask a lot of questions before making a purchase. The more information a buyer has about an item, the more likely they will be happy with their purchase.

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